Custom Software Solutions

At Brewer Digital, we believe that your software should be as unique as your product. The more specialized your product is, the higher the likelihood that an off-the-shelf solution simply won’t cut it. This is where we come in. Our team of developers will work with you to create a custom software solution that perfectly fits your organization’s needs and vision.

Types of Customized Software

Custom software refers to any software build that’s been created for a specific client. This could be anything from a mobile application to desktop software, API, or any work requiring custom programming.

Brewer Digital can also work to improve existing custom software or support a custom product in active development. We have experience improving client security by updating legacy systems, as well as being an additional set of hands to provide improvements or suggest changes to existing custom software products.

The most important questions when it comes to custom software solutions are these: what do you want to build, and why do you want to build it? If you can provide these answers, then we can provide the custom software you need.

How Long Does It Take to Build Custom Software?

Custom software is developed in three general tiers. Each tier has its own budget, timeline, and level of work associated with it. Which tier your project will fall into depends on how complex the application is that you want to build, what kind of feature support you need, and how many platforms or other applications it needs to interact with.

Tier 1: Entry Point

This starting tier is reserved for the most simple of mobile applications. Entry point for app development starts around $50,000 and includes a very simple user interface and feature set on a single platform (Android or iOS).

Timeline: 2-3 months

Tier 2: Average “MVP”

The majority of our clients enter the world of custom app development in Tier 2. The cost for developing the first version, or “MVP”, of an application is usually around $100,000. This includes a professionally designed user interface, average set of core features, and multi-platform development (both Android and iOS).

Timeline: 3-5 months

Tier 3: Custom Software Platform Development

Clients who’ve entered Tier 3 are interested in truly complex custom software solutions. This might mean developing a platform with multiple applications, or building a complex flagship application. Like Tier 2, Tier 3 also comes with a professionally designed interface and multi-platform development.

What takes it to the next level is the complex set of features, potential integration with legacy systems, high performance threshold to manage high user loads, and other intricate custom requests. Custom software platforms like this start around $250,000 and involve the most unique build plans.

Timeline: 9+ months (ongoing)

Let’s Chat About Custom Software Solutions

Set your product up for success with a custom software solution that makes it shine. If you can tell us the what and the why of your build, we can help turn that vision into a customized reality.

Start Building Your Custom Software