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Joel Brewer

Joel leads a team of award-winning software professionals at Brewer Digital, a company known for its expertise in developing high-quality software, particularly for the healthcare sector. Under Joel’s leadership, Brewer Digital works with healthcare innovators to both launch groundbreaking products and enhance existing systems, ensuring they run smoothly and efficiently. Joel’s approach is characterized by a commitment to excellent communication, understanding the unique needs of each client, and delivering high-quality software that provides value.

Kevin Weller
Senior Software and Data Architect

As a Senior Software and Data Architect for Brewer Digital, Kevin has helped organizations of all kinds find creative ways to make business processes more efficient and reliable using data and software.  He focuses his efforts on actually listening to clients, asking the right questions, then identifying and rapidly building solutions with the highest ROI (Return On Investment) using advanced tools and frameworks.  One of his specialties is geographic and other spatial data and applications which extract and present intuitive insights as only a map can do. 

Kevin Weller
Spencer Romberg gif
Spencer Romberg
Tech Lead - Full Stack

As a Full Stack Technical Lead at Brewer Digital, Spencer focuses on filling the gap between people and technology. Notably, he containerized and secured 20+ Ruby on Rails applications for Equifax, reducing their annual expenses by $100,000. Guided by collaboration and an adaptable mindset, Spencer’s work centers around simplicity, efficiency, and quality.

Reid Garner
Tech Lead - Front End

During his 5-year tenure at Brewer Digital, Reid has collaborated with over 20 client companies, earning a reputation for his exceptional work in rapidly constructing effective interfaces and tackling UX challenges. Notably, he played a crucial role in the development of the award-winning patient portal app, VivoCare. This app, now an open-source platform, serves as a foundation for companies to build their personalized patient portals. Reid’s pragmatic and efficient approach is grounded in simplicity and functionality, aiming to elevate the value of patient care through meticulously crafted applications.

Reid Garner