Mobile App Development in Denver

Have a great idea for a mobile app, but need help to develop it? Enter Brewer Digital. Our team of Denver mobile app developers can bring your vision to life on both Android and iOS and help you through every step of the development process.

Our 5-Step Mobile App Development Process

Whether we’re a) building a new app from scratch or b) improving existing software, our typical mobile app development process follows 5 basic steps:

  1. Initial client meeting
    The first step in launching any new project is getting together and sharing your vision with us. We want to know about your overall vision, what problem you’re looking to solve, who your target audience is, and any other information that will help us understand what you’re looking to create.
  2. Requirements gathering and planning
    Once we know what you’re looking for, we can start planning the build. We’ll figure out what requirements your app will have, what elements we need to incorporate, which other software you will need to interface with, etc. This is like the storyboarding stage of mobile app development.
  3. Design work
    Appearance isn’t everything, but it certainly matters. Once we know the general outline of how your app will be built, we need to put creative pen to paper to figure out the design details so our team of Denver mobile app developers will know not only what to build, but how it should look when it’s done.
  4. Development and implementation
    The step we’ve all been waiting for. Our team will get to work building your app according to the timeline that works for your unique project. Projects are typically run in two-week sprint cycles and implemented in pieces to keep everything running smoothly.
  5. App maintenance
    Once your mobile app is launched, that doesn’t mean the work is done. Maintenance is an important step to fix bugs that come up as more users engage, release patches in accordance with operating system updates, and all of the housekeeping that keeps your app running smoothly and cobweb-free.

Our Mobile App Development Specialties

At Brewer Digital, we have experience building mobile apps for a wide variety of clients and budgets. We specialize in creating mobile real estate, finance, and logistics apps, as well as developing mobile apps for clients in the hospitality / food & beverage industry.

We also develop mobile apps for clients using both iOS and Android. Depending on the complexity of the application, we may be able to build for both at the same time – however, if there are tweaks needed to accommodate the second platform, it may need to be scoped out as an additional project. For clients on a budget, we generally recommend starting with one platform and migrating to the second when your budget allows.

Build Your Mobile App With Our Denver Developers

If you’re serious about bringing your idea for a mobile app to life, Brewer Digital would love to work with you. Chat with us today to get started on Step 1 of the development process!

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