An intro into the world of healthtech

React server components are a new(ish) feature in React allowing developers to render React components on the server and send them to the client as a formatted response that renders them into HTML. This is a change in approach from

New Features that We Love Are you tired of writing the same repetitive code over and over again? Say hello to Ruby’s new quality of life improvements! With the release of Ruby 3 came endless methods and with 3.1 implicit

WebSockets and ActionCable Overview Have you ever been on a website that you had to keep reloading just to get new information? It can be frustrating, right? Well, WebSockets can fix that! They’re a technology that allows websites to communicate

Introduction Rails is a dynamic and approachable ecosystem with many opinions on how it should be used, structured, built upon, improved, and maintained. But what do you do when your app begins to age, and the accumulated data of years

RSpec is a popular Ruby testing framework that provides a lot of powerful features for you to poke and prod your apps to get them ready for production. Developers can learn the basic structure of tests fairly quickly but the

Most developers have had the experience of struggling with something all day, leaving work frustrated, and then solving it in the first five minutes of the next day. This is a perfect example of using focused and diffuse thinking to

Startups have lots of ideas for new features for their website or application – and usually want a code change to be implemented immediately. Even in the most efficient agile team, a code change takes a sprint to deploy, which

Using PDFTK and the pdf-forms gem We recently worked on a client project that involved using a Rails backend to fill out PDF Forms. PDF Forms are those PDFs with editable fields, so you can insert text fields, checkboxes, signatures,