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"I knew with this relationship, I could solve big problems."
Andrew Williams
Andrew Williams
Product Manager at Encompass

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"I stuck with Brewer Digital because I saw meaningful work every month."
Christian Dinsdale
Founder of Termz

Discover how we've helped other health innovators achieve their goals

Patient Engagement Platform

  • 42% increase in COVID-19 testing
  • 0.95 Avg reduction in A1C
  • 8x ROI
  • 25% Inactive Patients Return to Care

We partnered with Access.Mobile to create a text message-based patient engagement platform for health communications. Our system allowed Access.Mobile to provide real-time data on health information to their patients, providing an 8x ROI and improving health outcomes across a variety of metrics


Custom Automation Software

  • Generated $2m in revenue in 2 years
  • 448% Annualized ROI

We partnered with a private company to automate repetitive tasks, provide 24/7 customer availability, and generate $2m in revenue through a mobile-first interactive messaging platform.

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Mobile Patient Dashboard

We built a FHIR-based patient dashboard to aggregate medical records and appointments. Built on industry-standard protocols, including SMART on FHIR and OAuth, our user-friendly dashboard is secure and compliant.

Screenshot 2024-01-17 at 2.36.11 PM

Healthcare SaaS Platform

  • Same business day response to critical issues
  • Audited AWS environment¹ for performance and security issues

We partnered with The Melanated Mammary Atlas® to maintain and improve their SaaS platform dedicated to improving care for the underserved. Their web portal provides a world of images displaying mammary-related conditions on Asian, Indigenous, Black, and Brown folks.

1. Services included in the audit: EC2, S3, Fargate, Autoscaling, CloudWatch, Route 53, Amplify, IAM, and RDS.

Mobile and Web view of the Melanated Mammary application
"I can give you concepts of my problems and your team asks the right questions to figure out the solution."
Richard Soares
Richard Soares
Who we've worked with
Who we've worked with