Staff Augmentation

Elevate your team’s capabilities with our Staff Augmentation services. Whether you need additional expertise for a short-term project or a long-term collaboration, we will seamlessly integrate into your existing team. Our talented team members bring a wealth of experience, ensuring that your projects are executed efficiently and effectively.

"When we get an engineer they're flexible, they have a good attitude, they try to fit in with our culture."
Andrew Williams
Andrew Williams
Product Manager at Encompass


Mobile Development

Leverage our expertise in mobile development to enhance your project’s capabilities. Our skilled professionals bring a wealth of experience to deliver high-quality, user-centric mobile applications tailored to your specifications.

“I knew with this relationship I could solve big problems.” – Andrew Williams, Product Manager at Encompass

Web Development

Unlock the full potential of your project with our specialized web development services. Our seasoned team brings a wealth of practical experience, ensuring the delivery of straightforward, user-friendly websites tailored precisely to your needs. Count on us for a reliable and efficient online presence that mirrors your vision and objectives.

Technical Leadership

Benefit from our technical leaders who provide strategic insights, mentorship, and a roadmap for success. Our leadership acumen ensures that your technology initiatives align seamlessly with your business goals.

Project Management

Enhance project efficiency and success with our project management services. Our experienced project managers bring structure, organization, and effective communication to ensure seamless project execution.

Rapid Onboarding

Experience swift onboarding as our professionals integrate quickly into your workflows, minimizing disruptions and accelerating project timelines.

Long-term Partnership Mindset

Beyond augmentation, we approach every engagement with a long-term partnership mindset, investing in the success and growth of your team and projects.

"Month in and month out I felt like I got a lot of value."
Christian Dinsdale
Founder of Termz

Case Studies

Encompass Screenshots


Encompass was building their first mobile application and needed mobile development assistance. One of our team members onboarded onto their team, set up a PR review system, architected the mobile application, and trained the team members in the new technologies. Once the team members were trained, we stayed on to help with the more complex development problems and to advise on architecture and deployment plans. 

  • Architected mobile application
  • Trained team members in new skills
  • Developed simple solutions to complex problems


    In 2020, Equifax enlisted us to enhance ID Watchdog’s security by migrating to Google Cloud Platform. We streamlined IDW into a cloud-native model, improving fraud prevention. The move to GCP’s Kubernetes Engine ensured scalability and performance, seamlessly integrating IDW with upgrades like GitHub migration, ServiceNow adoption, and enterprise SMTP implementation.”
  • Seamless integration into IDW’s team
  • Enhanced security through encryption and algorithm updates
  • Migration to GCP on GKE for scalability and improved performance
  • Upgrades like GitHub migration, ServiceNow adoption, and enterprise SMTP implementation.
Elijah Nouvelage/Bloomberg/Getty Images
"It was a long hard process trying to find someone who was a fit for us."
Nekisha Killings
Nekisha Killings
Founder of TMMA