Mobile Application Developers

Friendly and Reliable Developers to Maintain and Improve Your Mobile Apps


Expert advice and guidance on technology strategy, architecture, best practices, and industry trends to help businesses make informed decisions.

  • Our architects and developers provide expert guidance, helping you make informed decisions regarding technology, architecture, development methodologies, and best practices to improve your bottom line
  • Our team is available to conduct a technical audit of your existing mobile application and infrastructure to perform a baseline assessment and identify areas for improvement

End-to-end development of new software features, followed by ongoing monitoring and support after the release to ensure smooth operation.

  • We’ll collaboratively design and build new features, focusing on features that will have the greatest impact on your bottom line
  • Our flexible team of designers, architects, back-end developers, front-end developers, and QA can quickly scale up and down, depending on your current needs

Detailed planning and scoping of software projects, including requirements gathering, timeline estimation, resource allocation, and risk management.

  • Our solutions architects will work with you to plan and scope new features, applications, and infrastructure
  • We’ll help with requirements gathering, timeline estimation, and resource allocation, ensuring every dollar spent is efficiently utilized
  • Our team will help identify project risks, saving future timelines and budgets

Maintenance, monitoring, and bug fixing for your existing mobile applications to ensure optimal performance.

  • We’ll fix bugs as they pop up
  • We’ll proactively monitor your app for performance issues, and fix issues as they happen
  • We’ll fine-tune your application so that it’s lightening fast for your end users





New Feature Development, Technical Consulting, Project Planning, Monitoring and Maintenance

  • Designed, implemented, and launched a real estate document management platform on the iOS App Store.
  • Worked with MLS data feeds to integrate MLS data into the application. We also built out scalable cloud infrastructure in support of the application
  •  Launched multi-tier reoccurring subscriptions


New Feature Development, Technical Consulting, Project Planning, Monitoring and Maintenance

  • Rebuilt the existing obsolete mobile application using React Native
  • Launched the app on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store


VivoCare app screenshots

We built a FHIR-based patient dashboard to aggregate medical records and appointments. The dashboard is secure and HIPAA compliant and is built on industry standard protocols, including SMART on FHIR and OAuth.

  • Custom mobile apps range from $50,000 – $150,000