Toor Technologies

When TOOR today first contacted us, they were lacking a technology partner capable of taking their initial concepts from ideas to market-viable realities. They wanted an app capable of scheduling property tours and wirelessly unlocking and locking their lockbox. They also wanted their app to show nearby realtors in real-time, so users looking to tour a property could quickly schedule a showing. The app also needed robust property search functionality, integrating both user-added properties and MLS listings.

Our first step towards building a solution for TOOR today was to dig deep and truly understand their business needs, in all their nitty gritty glory. Once we were comfortable in our understanding of the business, we started to develop the underlying architecture of their system. This included fleshing out the API and designing the database that would serve as the system’s central hub. Once our back-end started to take shape, we started work on the front-end. We chose the Ionic platform because it supports rapid development for both iOS and Android and because of its ability to easily integrate with embedded hardware. In order to ensure continuity with the TOOR hardware, we created a TOOR prototype using an Arduino and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE 4.0) Breakout. Another line down here.