App Development Case Study – Shawnee Transportation

The Client

Shawnee Transportation, one of the fastest-growing logistics companies on the East Coast, has been in the trucking industry since 1991. In addition to logistics, Shawnee Transportation also builds and maintains leading-edge systems and technologies, including: Dispatching and Planning, Operations – Command and Control, and In-Cab Communications; they optimize the perfect blend of technology and internal management solutions for their customers.

The Ask

Shawnee’s urgent ask was to get their app running again on Android and iPhone. Due to very outdated code, their app no longer functioned on newer mobile devices. 

Additionally, they wanted several new features added to the app including: 

  • A live map allowing their dispatchers to effectively manage and monitor their driver’s locations.
  • A photo upload feature allowing their drivers to securely upload delivery photos for record keeping.
  • A signature capture feature allowing their drivers to securely capture and upload customer signatures.

Our Solution

We worked closely with the Shawnee team to rebuild their existing mobile application with modern technology. This included:

  • Rebuilding the existing mobile application using React Native.
  • Creating a geolocation feature, allowing dispatchers to monitor driver locations.
  • Adding signature and photo uploads, allowing drivers to easily capture signatures and photos and send them to their dispatchers.
  • Maintaining, supporting, and improving existing C and Cobol codebases.
  • Modernizing, supporting, and improving their Rails application.

The Successful Results

  • Developed and launched a fully-functioning mobile application on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store in four months.
  • Added the ability for dispatchers to track their drivers on a map. This feature opens revenue streams with new customers and solidifies revenue streams with existing customers.
  • Added the ability for drivers to upload photos and signatures through the app. This feature also opens revenue streams with new customers and solidifies revenue streams with existing customers.