React Development

Choosing to develop your application using React means getting a beautiful, highly customizable build that your customers will love. The React developers at Brewer Digital are experts at making smoothly running applications that fit your exact specifications.

Benefits of React Development

React is quickly becoming standard within the development world – and for good reason. When you build an application using React or React Native, the possibilities are truly endless. It provides a very “clean” way to build software that makes it easy to piece together modular components like LEGO bricks and create an application that fits your vision. This also means that changing your software to keep up with future technology is easy, and adding features to keep up with user demands won’t cause a headache.

Customized User Experience

It’s no longer enough for your application to merely work – users also want it to be fast, beautiful, and operate flawlessly under a myriad of conditions. React development enables snappy user interfaces that your customers will love, and a smooth experience for websites or web apps that can be tailored to fit any needs that may arise.

Beautiful Applications

Running smoothly is great, but aesthetics mean a lot for the success of an application as well. Because React developers have so much freedom when it comes to what building blocks they choose, they won’t be limited when it comes to design, either. They can use React development to build an application with a user-friendly interface that not only looks great, but functions beautifully, too.

Safety for Future Growth

Because React is becoming more and more standard within the technical world, chances are good that any future developers you add to your team will be well-versed in React development. They’ll be able to easily jump in and support your application. The way that applications are built in React also means that there’s a wide support base and endless options for customization.

Difference Between React and React Native

React and React Native development has one key difference: React is primarily for web apps, while React Native is used to develop mobile applications. While there could be scenarios where both builds are worked on side-by-side, odds are good that your app will be best suited to just one or the other.

Another important distinction to be aware of with React is that it’s primarily used to develop the visual components of an application, aka the user experience. In order to build out a full web application, you’ll need to augment your React development with other components.

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