Geospatial Software Solutions (GIS)

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Safe Software Service Partner

Introducing our GIS services, providing you with an array of geospatial application development, data integration and transformation solutions for your business needs. The geospatial solutions we’ve developed include:

  • Data and application integration
  • Self-service apps
  • Data quality control
  • Land grid and parcel/lease data processing/computation
  • ArcGIS add-ins
  • Real-time data collection and synchronization
  • Image processing, eg. pipeline methane leak detection and notification
  • Conversion of LiDAR data (point clouds) to field-use 3D Augmented Reality (AR) models

Our Certified FME® Professionals offer a range of services and products, including:

  • FME – The Feature Manipulation Engine is a powerful data integration platform with extensive geodata transformation and format translation capabilities. We provide solutions using a graphical programming language to efficiently automate complex GIS workflows.
  • PostGIS – Our PostGIS solution development service offers enterprise-class performance and capabilities, providing official spatial extensions to the open source PostgreSQL database engine, supported by major cloud infrastructure service providers.
  • Education – Custom course teaches students and professionals how to use FME to automatically populate a geospatial data repository on AWS.
  • Voyager Search – Our geospatial enterprise search engine deployment service connects and delivers over 1770 different file formats from desktop, server, or web.
  • GEOS – Our geometry computation engine software development service employs an open source library that can be used independently by applications, and it is a continuously updated port of the Java Topology Suite library.
  • ElasticSearch – Our no-SQL database engine solution development service optimizes powerful and efficient full-text search of its contents.

Our services include functions such as Business Process Automation, Enterprise Integration, Location Intelligence/Analytics, Software/Systems Architecture, Application Software Engineering, Platforms & APIs, and FME Integration Platform (Server, Cloud, Desktop, Mobile). We provide ESRI ArcGIS (Enterprise, Online), Amazon Web Services, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Salesforce Integration, AutoCAD, ChainXY, SafeGraph, and FourSquare.

We use App Frameworks such as Django (Python), Ruby on Rails, OpenLayers, and React, and we employ tools such as Docker, Atlassian, JIRA, Confluence, JetBrains, PyCharm, and RubyMine.

Our services cater to a range of industries, including AECO (Architecture, Engineering. Construction & Operations), Real Estate (Commercial & Residential), Energy, Transportation, Telecommunications, Insurance, Hospitality, Finance, and Healthcare.

We specialize in databases such as PostgreSQL/PostGIS, SQL Server/Spatial, ArcSDE, and ElasticSearch, and languages such as Python, Ruby, JavaScript, and SQL.

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