Geospatial Development Case Study – TCarta Marine

The Client

TCarta is a geospatial data and technology company specializing in the development of innovative products and services related to earth observation, remote sensing, and geospatial analytics. TCarta leverages advanced technology, including satellite imagery, airborne sensors, and machine learning algorithms to provide accurate and up-to-date geospatial information to a wide range of customers across various industries.

They offer a range of products and services including bathymetry data, shoreline mapping, marine spatial planning, satellite-derived bathymetry, and GIS data processing. These products and services can be used in a variety of applications such as environmental monitoring, offshore energy exploration, marine navigation, and coastal zone management.

Water level bathymetry.

The Ask

TCarta asked us to build a custom ArcGIS Pro add-in to make their proprietary coastal mapping tools securely available and conveniently accessible for their customers. This add-in was to be made available through the ArcGIS Online Marketplace.

Our Solution

  • Researched short-term and long-term licensing & distribution options, intellectual property security, automated testing, and appropriate software architecture.
  • Developed a custom ArcGIS Pro add-in for convenient access to TCarta’s proprietary coastal mapping tools.  
  • Researched appropriate algorithms for elevation profiling, raster difference calculation, and hydrographic/bathymetric/topographic application integration tools. 
  • Researched subscription models and subscription verification for ArcGIS add-ins.

The Successful Results

Custom ArcGIS Pro add-in

As pictured above, we created a custom ArcGIS Pro add-in for convenient access to TCarta’s coastal analysis tools. The tools were implemented alongside a custom authentication tool allowing the user to log in to their TCarta account and easily unlock the tools.

Custom ArcGIS Pro toolbar