DevOps Case Study – Medqor

The Client

MEDQOR is a healthcare business intelligence platform that aims to bridge the gap between healthcare providers using cutting-edge technology solutions. By integrating data collection, data correlation, and machine learning, MEDQOR provides a comprehensive data analytics platform.

The Ask

Medqor’s existing team was overwhelmed. They were bombarded by the work needed to monitor, maintain, and support their existing cloud infrastructure. Servers were going down, data was being lost, and no one had the necessary time or expertise to get everything running smoothly. They asked us to monitor and maintain their infrastructure, freeing up their team to focus on core business tasks. 

Our Solution


    • Regularly monitored the performance and availability of cloud infrastructure, services, and applications to detect issues before they became critical.

    • Set up Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery plans to ensure that data is always safe and can be recovered in case of any unforeseen incidents.

    • Implemented and managed security measures to protect cloud infrastructure and applications against unauthorized access, malware, and other security threats.

    • Provided guidance and recommendations on how to optimize the cloud infrastructure to meet their business needs.

    • Architected and developed multiple solutions across the stack to support in-house developers

The Successful Results


    • A stable and reliable cloud infrastructure with a robust alerting system

    • An in-house development team with increased productivity, resulting from the absence of interruptions caused by DevOps tasks and challenges